How many Game Modes are there in DLS 24?

First Touch Games has released its latest instalment in the Dream League Series. The new DLS 24 has brought some exciting features and one of the most prominent one of them is their Dream Draft Mode.

DLS 24 New Features and Game Modes

So let’s explore all the game modes provided by the game in the latest Dream League Soccer 2024:

1. Career Mode


This is the main storyline of the game as you build your team from scratch by signing players from the transfer window and building your offline team so that you can beat all the other teams as you rise through the 8 divisions in its career mode.

You start from the Academy Division and get promoted to the next division as you finally reach Legendary Division where you have to beat top legendary teams to prove you have the best team in the game.

You have to upgrade your stadium to gain entry into a higher division when promoted and increase your stadium bonuses after a home match. This is a highly recommended step as the increase in bonus is very essential for your development as you collect a hefty amount of gold coins from there.

You can even play up to 3 matches while being offline. After that you have to get an internet connection to continue your Career journey, otherwise, you can just play Exhibition Mode Games, while being offline for a longer period.

2. Scenario


This gives you some random real-life inspired matches that are happening around the world at the moment. You have to win the match with the given circumstances and the conditions. The game is even more interesting when you are behind the opposing team and your players are suspended due to red cards.

This event is based on real-life competitions and scenarios happening in the real football world around us.

3. Dream League Live


This section is divided into 20 different online tier leagues where you get promoted If you finish the specified number of matches or claim a particular number of points in a seasoned tier. This only works when you are connected to a good internet connection while playing the game.

There is a separate subsection of the game where you get various online events that award you with points and diamonds if you win them they usually come with entry fees of up to 2-300 coins.

This is the main competitive arena present in the game where you play against other players around The World while being online. The opponents become difficult as you move forward in the top tiers where you face the best of the best in the game from around the world.

Tip: If you want to earn Diamonds, then playing Dream League Live is the best option you have, then complete the Daily Challenges.

4. Dream Draft


Here you have to drought your team using provided star players. First, you get to choose a legendary Captain and then choose your players in each position of your formation from the provided players list.

The Captain is chosen from the list of star players provided. There is not any set of criteria for the options of players provided in the beginning. You need to have an active internet connection to play the New Dream Draft.

The only shortcoming this more has is that it is a paid mode for which you have to pay up to 5$, depending upon your location to unlock this game mode. (Update: This section is now free to play, however, it is only available for a certain definite time).

Note: Dream Draft section gets updated after every few weeks so your old purchase will be reset after the refreshing of the event. So make sure you finish the event before the stipulated amount of time given or you will end up losing access to the Dream Draft in Dream League Soccer 2024.

5. Exhibition Mode


This section of the game is specially made to enjoy the game when you are offline. Although you can play Scenario & Career mode also, while being online there is a 2-3 match limitation when these game modes get locked. So you can enjoy the exhibition no matter if you are connected to the internet or not.

All the game modes are present in the game, however, Training Mode can also be considered as a game mode as the whole scenery and the mechanics are different for it, but there are no conclusive results from the training mode, so we have not considered it as a game mode.

You can earn up to 30 coins from here, as this mode doesn’t have any bonus for the match performance.

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